Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology is an evolving industry marked with new challenges and newer and better technologies to counter them. Bilcare Ltd., a name that spells unmatched quality, brilliant innovations and swift action, has withheld its prime position in this competitive industry for past three decades. A pioneer in clinical Packaging and Labeling industry, Bilcare Ltd., has set a benchmark of quality and productivity in this ever evolving industry. Bilcare GCS, a unit of Bilcare Ltd., inherits the quality attributes of Bilcare Ltd. and magnifies them with its own deliverables- Speed, Innovation and Happiness.

Bilcare GCS is engaged in offering unmatched Clinical Trial Materials Supplies (CTMs) services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Consumer health industry. We are motivated by innovation and strive hard to make a difference in which an entire Clinical Trial Life Cycle evolves. Our Clinical Trial Material Supplies (CTMs) services strictly adhere to international norms of packaging, storage and distribution, and are created with an intention to reduce latency at various stages involved in the development and production of drug formulations.

In present scenario, Genomics, Microarray analysis, high-throughput screening, and other technologies have increased the complexity of pharmaceutical research. To overcome this challenge, Bilcare has aimed to establish a critical success factor 'Speed-to-Market' through meticulous and advanced research with the help of innovative patented tools.

Bilcare GCS offers a full spectrum of services across the supply chain, right from Pre-formulation to Global Logistics and Distribution. Comparator Procurement, Depot management, Clinical Packaging and Labeling, Regulatory and Analytical services are some of our critical areas of expertise. Bilcare GCS partners with over 25 strategic GMP Compliant Depots across the globe. We implement some of the best storage and distribution practices in the Clinical Supply industry.

Through comprehensive packaging research, Bilcare GCS provides customized and innovative Clinical Packaging Solutions. Bilcare Optima is a trademark product of Bilcare that identifies appropriate packaging requirement for any drug formulation, thereby alleviating need for trials and aiding in shrinking the time lines of the trials. This brilliant technology has contributed in delivering Bilcare GCS's most valued deliverable, 'speed-to-market'. On the other hand, Bilcare also understands the challenges of rising counterfeit and brand growth in this highly competitive healthcare market. To address this issue, Bilcare has developed the nonClonableID Technology, a unique and first-of-its-kind patented technology to guard products, brands and assets, against counterfeiting.

Bilcare GCS is a trusted source for our clients when it comes to Comparator Procurement, CTMs storage, Packaging & Labeling, Regulatory Services and Document archiving. Bilcare GCS develops and executes reliable comparator sourcing strategies with market agility that minimizes the sponsor's exposure to the operational, regulatory and financial risks. Our clients also benefit from our global exposure and licenses that facilitate their entry and operations in international market.

At Bilcare GCS, our commitment is to deliver end-to-end solutions that offer support throughout the entire Clinical Trial Life Cycle. Our core focus is to meet your strategic clinical trial needs with world-class capabilities and unwavering focus on service and quality. Our prestigious global partners help us in providing reliable and creditable long term Clinical Trial Supplies Management across the world.

Bilcare is a unique organization with a strong research foundation and an unending quest for global leadership in the pharmaceutical and healthcare service sector. An organization of passionate professionals who go that extra mile to share excellence and spread joy.