Procuring genuine drugs from manufacturers to your doorstep.

Comparator Procurement

Comparator Procurement is fast becoming a full-fledged activity for clinical trial material supplies companies. The process is often long and tedious with several challenges involved, such as clinical trial complexity, stringent regulatory requirements, counterfeit dangers etc. Besides, the reservations of a sponsor regarding disclosure of trial information, further adds to the challenges of procuring a drug. Bilcare GCS is proud to announce that it has one of the strongest network of drug suppliers and original manufacturers across the globe. Our partners assess the market condition, the appropriate shelf life of a drug and the best pricing for it. This way our clients can be assured of the quality and genuineness of the drug procured. Thus, market agility and speed are our prime deliverables when it comes to comparator sourcing.

Some of highlights of our comparator procurement service include:

  • Sourcing products through approved wholesalers and or directly from manufacturers.
  • Ability to confidentially access drugs worldwide for global clinical trials.
  • Provide Regulatory compliance and necessary product documentation.
  • Capability to provide large volume of drugs in multiple or single lot batches with long expiration dates.
  • Provide drug related documents like COA, MSDS, and Pedigree documents as applicable.
  • Procure authentic products and full batch traceability.
  • Guidance to sponsors to enable Proactive Planning for sustainable and significant cost savings.
  • Providing cost effective cold chain logistics.
  • Repeat orders to the wholesalers and manufacturers adds to further price benefits while procurement.
  • Preferably procure the products from the country of origin.
  • Capability to provide alternate product if required by our client.